Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Beaurepaire United Church Official Board


Chair: Lyle Cruickshank

Finance: Doug Goodfellow

Treasurer: Victoria Moulton

Ministry and Personnel: Wendy Buchanan

Outreach: Susan Cruickshank

Pastoral Care: Diane Nener

Property: Richard Buchanan

Roll Clerk: Sigrid Gray

Trustees: Ken Chisholm

Merging Waters
Board of Directors


Co-Chairs Lyle Cruickshank and Jan Langelier

Communications: Stephen Pickford

Family Life Centre: Sigrid Grey and Barbara Randle

Ministry and Personnel: Barbara Randle

Outreach: Susan Cruickshank and Helen Fyles

Presbytery Representative: Jan Langelier

Social Fellowship: Susan Hawker

Spiritual Formation: Christine Bryce

Roll Clerks: Sigrid Grey and Ivy Lewis

UCW: Nancy Gelsthorpe

Finance/Treasurer: Jim Fyles

Union Church
Board of Directors


Chair: Jan Langelier

Communications: Bonnie Norris

Finance: Jim Fyles

Outreach : Helen Fyles

Trustees : David Lewis

Pastoral Care : Ivy Lewis

Property: Eric Norris/Jim Gelsthorpe

Affirm United Representative: Valerie Strong

Coffee House: Nancy Gelsthorpe

Nominations: Kathie Whitehead

Rentals: Nancy Gelsthorpe

Soup Pot Cinema: Susan Hawker

Becoming a Member of Our Church

Becoming a member of Merging Waters Pastoral Charge,  our congregation  encourages each other in our

Christian walks and hold each other accountable.