Minister's Message

Ryan Fea

Student Supply Minister


Ryan's Message

As air warms, the sun rises higher each day, and the flowers push up out of the soil, I find the anticipation of Spring and Easter building. I, like many, have a hard time with staying in reflection of my challenges and shortcomings, as we are wont to do in Lent -those things that hold us all back from God - when there are so many song birds singing and the leaves are budding. But then nature is a great reminder of the journey we are on.  Coming from the cold and dark of winter, the world at rest, nascent with new life and new beginnings, the world springs (yes that was a pun) into new life. The cycle of the seasons is reflected in our journey through the Story.

Greetings Merging Waters,

Looking at our challenges, fears, doubts, times we turned from one another or the world, or from God, helps us to understand ourselves and our lives better. Confronting them and engaging them, in loving community and in the knowledge of a loving-understanding God, frees us from shame, guilt, and other things that hold us back. Finding where the Christ is risen in our lives, where we are renewed, helps us to spring into joyous life. If the light shines more brightly from the dark place we do need to examine them, but we need not stay in the dark.

Sometimes I find myself asking questions about the dark, and while they don’t always come, I know that’s ok. At least I know it’s there. But the answers that do come are where I am freed from their oppression and able to move into the light. And I see God in it. Sometimes it’s as simple as remembering that seeking God, doubting of finding God, can be simpler than some deep awe-inspiring scene from a movie – the Hollywood idea of seeing God.

Finding God in the world is not always being struck off your horse like Paul but sometimes it’s seeing in a gentle stranger the presence of God. Someone who offers you a seat on the bus, or lets you know if you’ve dropped something at the market. A friend offering an ear, or just giving you a shout to see how you’re doing. Dedicated people doing the work of God through acts of justice, intentional discussion and planning, charity and sharing love.

Where do you see God offering you new life at this time? How will you show new life to others?

Looking forward to sharing in new life with you all as Holy Week turns to Easter.


Ryan Fea