Peace be with you!

"With a history of caring community and spiritual enlightenment, the proud heritage of Beaurepaire United Church and Union Church Ste-Anne's comes together as Merging Waters United Church"

The faces of those you see on our website, Facebook page and in our spaces are made up of seekers, believers and questioners who have created a community of love and hope in our neighbourhoods and beyond. These pages are snapshots and glimpses of faith-filled work, lives and loves of our Merging Waters family.


This is another big year for Merging Waters as we continue to look forward and let go. As we embark on new journeys of learning in faith, we continue to honor the century-long legacies of Beaurepaire and Union Ste-Anne's  that will continue to impact our stories in 2023 and beyond.


I invite you to come spend time with us in community, as there is no way to adequately articulate the indescribable joy of being welcomed into this community of faith.



Pastor Lisa Byer-de Wever

Student Minister, Merging Waters United Church 2023



All are welcome at Merging Waters.

Seekers and believers at every point of the journey. People of all ages, identities, and walks of life will find a place in the Merging Waters family. If you're at church for the first time or have been attending church all your life you have a place here.