Beaurepaire United Church

About Our Church

We’re helping people connect with each other and God.

With a history of caring community and spiritual enlightenment, the proud heritage of Beaurepaire United and Union Church Ste-Annes comes together.

Union Church

Union Church
is an 
Affirming Congregation
within the
United Church of Canada

This is the time to give: 

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted many of us financially, at this time the church is limited in doing fundraisers in-person. The ministry and members continue in our work of helping others, respecting physical disctance but keeping you all close in our hearts. You can make sure we can continue our work and relationships in new ways to support the community and help change lives.

Upcoming Events


Shared Summer Services from July 3rd - Sept 4th 2022
Shared Weekly Worship with the United Churches of the West Island and Riverside 

We gather in community each week in  celebration of the Divine love
found in all.

We join together in person and online
to celebrate! 

  A centralized website in in developement for easy access to weekly in-person and online locations

   July 3rd - Sept 4th, 2022 
          10 am Worship for all                       

Our Gallery

Take a look at our parishioners!

Friendly Atmosphere

We are happy to welcome anyone into our community who wants to participate and belong!

Interesting Events

Our church has a schedule of  spiritual events, all to boost your serenity!

New People

Visit our church and meet dozens of new friends, all of whom follow the “love thy neighbor” principle!