Boutique 24

Boutique 24, a nearly new shop in the basement of Union church, first opened its doors in August 1980. It has become a popular weekly shopping stop for neighborhood families, and college students in search of bargains. Boutique regulars come in all income and age categories. Some people use the shop out of necessity and for some it’s like a game to see what they can find! Others like the idea that by donating to the shop or buying things they are helping the environment by recycling.The money that is generated, over $261,000, is managed by the UCW (Union Church’s Women).

The money goes back to the community, wherever there is a need. It could be used locally to help a child who needs funds to be able to attend an after school program, the West Island Assistance Fund, Montreal City Mission, Raging Grannies, or far away such as Haiti & Japan’s earthquake relief fund- to name but a few.
So please do stop by, either to donate clothing, small household items, books & games, or to shop.

Boutique 24  is open on Thursdays, September to June, from 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. as well as one Friday evening & Saturday a month (check the event calendar for details)Student on a budget? Kids need snow suits or shoes? Looking to expand your wardrobe without flattening your purse? The Boutique offers good used clothing and shoes for everyone from babies on up, as well as dishes and small appliances.

Want to help out or have something to donate? Call either June Hudon at 514-713-5054 or Barbara Wyman at 514-453-2902